Steve Patti CMO

On-Demand CMO for Small and Medium Enterprises

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On-Demand CMO

I help B2B brands accelerate revenue growth by quantifying their value proposition in terms of customer financial impact and aligning their go-to-market efforts to tell the story:
  1. Define value (value proposition + customer financial impact)
  2. Communicate value (PR + social + content + demand generation)
  3. Sell value (sales strategy + account strategy + sales enablement)
My USP? The unique go-to-market insight from being a CMO and Sales VP, and my hands-on experience with execution.

Most Frequent Client Needs

  1. Go-to-Market Strategy: 80%
  2. Sales Enablement: 65%
  3. Buyer Insights: 50%
  4. Demand Generation: 100%

  • I credit Steve with bringing ideas to the table that have resulted in the biggest and most positive changes in our organization in its 9-year history. - Mark Figart, President, Digett
  • Steve has done an outstanding job of helping us to collect buyer insights and improve our current sales practices. Steve's background, experience, perspective and positive energy have earned him much respect across the Verizon marketing organization. - Andrew Roth, Product Manager - SMB Marketing, Verizon
  • From Executive Management and Strategy to Brand Development and Strategic Planning, Steve has lead and executed our marketing initiatives flawlessly.- JT McCormick, President, Headspring
  • Steve has contributed significantly to our strategic marketing and business development planning. He has brought "outside the industry" ideas, tactics and strategies to our firm that will differentiate us from our peers.- Steve Schipull, President/CEO, Generations Federal Credit Union
  • I've never really met anyone with Steve's energy and smarts! Every conversation is an eye-opener, not just about building brands and winning customers...but also about applying those skills to building your personal brand.- Jessica Massay, Multi-Cultural Expert, Jump Insights
  • To say Steve is a subject matter expert at the C-level for marketing is a supreme understatement. His mastery of marketing strategies is something that any company can benefit from. - Dan Viotto, VP of Operations and Business Development, A3 Creative
  • Steve's one of the rare folks who really understands the underpinnings of research and its correct application. - William MacElroy, Chairman, Socratic Technologies
  • Steve has an incredible drive, an infectious spirit and a supremely keen mind for marketing strategy and implementation.- Michael Bochantin, Cloud Account Director, PEER 1 Hosting
  • Steve is a guru. Love his energy, problem solving abilities and keen intellect.- Jane Judd Deming, Marketing Communications Director, Friedrich Air Conditioning
  • Steve's level of energy and ambition, coupled with his creative marketing strategies and business acumen, put him at a level where even the most tenured executives strive to reach.- James Williams, Channel Manager, Magento (an eBay company)