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“Strategery” is Not Just for Will Farrell

This post addresses the challenge facing ad agencies seeking to position themselves as marketing solutions providers -- go beyond the brochure and actually re-invent your firm.  I can help you do it. I recently met with an agency who was concerned about coming advertising budget cuts from clients and how it would impact them.  As I listened to the agency talk ...

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Voila! Twitter’s Role in Marketing is Understood

A friend of mine sent me an email with a link to an interesting story in Forbes regarding the use of Twitter.  The author (like many initial skeptics) was struggling to understand the usefulness of a tool that essentially is filled with lots of "background noise" chatter about what people are doing. The same can be said of Facebook and most social networking/shar...

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Doug Hall is on to Something: End the Marketing Madness

As mentioned in a prior post, I have been talking to sales performance consultants to explore ideas to help brands increase sales results.  In prior posts, I've already covered some of the basics such as engaging in a marketing forensics assessment of both qualitative and quantitative indicators of a brand's performance.  However, an emerging concern we're seeing ...

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Increasing Sales May Not be Related to Selling

This post is going to raise an interesting point that has been alluded to by recent marketing authors such as Dave Evans in various marketing publications, but is probably not being trumpeted loud enough across all marketing circles: declining sales may not be a sales problem after all -- it might be something else. It's too easy to conclude your distribution ...

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Marketing Forensics: Brand Reputation Assessment

In this post, we explore some easy ways marketers can assess their brand reputation to aid in strategic planning. This is a follow up to an earlier post acknowledging that if marketers wish to develop plans to meet future goals ("Point B"), it might be worth understanding where you're at today ("Point A"). There are two exercises we like to perform during the first ...

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Marketing Forensics: Establishing Performance Metrics

OK, so last week I launched a post that jumped into the always popular topic of measurable marketing.   Specifically, what can really be known as it relates to customer lifetime value (CLTV), customer acquisition costs, customer churn, and even customer buying cycles?  While these topics may sound like a bad nightmare from your graduate marketing courses, we'd like ...

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