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Business Growth Through Focus

Last week we wrote a post that addressed a couple of key strategic planning questions that executives must ask themselves in the face of limited resources, an ailing global economy, and increasing pricing pressure.  To fuel business growth, Booz & Company suggests that rather than seek increased revenues and profits by expanding products and markets, companies ...

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Gaining Strategic Focus

It's that time of year again.  Not the holiday season -- but annual planning for the upcoming business year.   In this "new normal" that we find ourselves navigating, executives across industries are grappling where/how they will find growth in 2011 and beyond.   In a recent issue of Strategy Magazine, a survey of top executives suggested that businesses need only ...

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Citi’s One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Buyer Personas

I've been musing for several weeks about several change management topics to write about, when Citi Financial gave me a timely subject: customer service. You may recall several posts we've made in the past year or so on the issues of customer retention and why new customers seems to get the best offers/service -- while the old customers (those that pay the bills for ...

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