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B2B Sales Cycles are a Fraction of the Buying Cycle

Lori Wizdo posted on the Forrester blog in 2012 that B2B decision makers are 65%-90% decided before contacting a vendor. MarketingProfs published a great Infographic in yesterday's feed further outlining the challenges of demand generation for B2B marketers. What this means is that the amount of time a vendor has to actually persuade a buyer to purchase has shrunk ...

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Five Elements of Effective B2B Buyer Personas

The concept of buyer personas has been hot the past several years and I've also blogged about why they are important while also connecting the concept of the customer decision journey (CDJ) that McKinsey & Company popularized in 2010.  As we begin 2014, the buyer persona and the CDJ appear to be on a collision course as marketers now seek to combine these ...

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