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Part 4: Are Agency Org Charts Undermining Collaboration?

Over the past two months, I've been releasing a series of posts to stimulate reflection on traditional full-service agency organization structure and whether it is the best way to deliver client value in the future.   The theme being that most full-service agencies are organized into production silos with separate Directors and P&Ls such that collaboration ...

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Part 3: Are Agency Org Charts Undermining Insight Accountability?

This is the third in a 5-part series examining potential fatal flaws in the traditional full-service agency model that focused on production silos instead of integrated demand marketing teams. One of the observations that I have had in working with many full-service agencies in the past couple years is the lack of buyer insights and the concentration of campaign ...

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Part 2: Are Agency Org Charts Undermining Knowledge Transfer?

Back in January 2014, I posted that I believe that the traditional full-service agency organization structure is outdated and that it may actually impede the agency's ability to deliver value to clients.  Why?  Because the idea of production silos with separate P&L focus contradicts what CMOs need to generate leads: integrated marketing touch points that align ...

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B2B Sales Require Getting on the Buyer Short List

It's now become clear that there has been a dramatic shift in the alignment between B2B buying cycles and B2B sales cycles.  Lori Wizdo (Forrester) blogged at the end of 2012 that B2B buyers are 65%-90% complete with their buying cycle before contacting a brand's sales channel. Earlier this week, I spent an hour on the phone with Peter Burris (VP - Forrester ...

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