B2B Message Strategy

“Any strategy lives or dies on the basis of its customer value proposition.” (Frank Cespedes, Harvard Business School)

B2B Value Propositions

In today’s sales environment, busy corporate decision makers want to know how you can help them solve a business problem and this is where the value proposition comes into play. A value proposition answers the question “Why should I change what I’m doing today to do business with you?” and is core to any message strategy.

Often times, marketers confuse the unique selling proposition (USP) with a value proposition. A unique selling proposition (USP) is a component of brand strategy and represents the one thing that your company does better than your competitors to create a perception of differentiation in the mind of buyers. In contrast, a value proposition is a component of message strategy and is a clear statement of the tangible results a customer receives from using your product or service.

Effective value propositions have 4 elements:

  1. The business result is attractive to the decision maker
  2. It’s aligned with the prospect’s business climate/environment
  3. Challenges the buyer’s status quo to nudge them to action
  4. The outcome/benefit is tangible.

A value proposition is about impacting the prospect’s business and not about your brand.

Effective message strategies tailor value propositions to specific industries and buyer personas for relevancy and they highlight the financial benefits of doing business with your company — and I will help you build them. If you are executing ABM, I can also help you build a message strategy that adapts industry-level value propositions to specific accounts for relevancy and to support dynamic website and digital ad personalization.

B2B Message Map

A Message Map can be used to align brand positioning, tailored value propositions, and sales talking points. It is a critical framework for guiding your content strategy, communications strategy, campaign messaging, and insights-led sales narratives. Your Message Map should be continually updated to reflect your evolving buyer needs, content engagement topics, and campaign performance data.

I can help you develop a tiered Message Map that aligns value proposition(s) and supporting talking points to each target segment and buyer persona. I can further tailor each Message Map by vertical industry for additional contextual relevance (e.g. a CFO in an established healthcare institution may have different needs that a CFO in a high-growth Tech firm).

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