Selling Value (Instead of Price) Requires a Value Proposition

Posted on March 3, 2015

Today's sales and marketing professionals are under increasing pressure find, engage, and close more prospects than ever.  While the amount of digital information available to B2B buyers has increased, their attention span for truly reading it has decreased. This means that more brand/product information is being processed in a smaller amount of time -- so buyers are skimming content and relying upon short-cut sources (peers, customer, influe...

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The Missing Link in Sales Enablement

One of the most popular focus areas for companies seeking to accelerate revenue and profit growth is sales enablement. Depending on the definition you embrace, the idea is that smart companies equip their customer-facing staff with the necessary buyer insights, narratives, and sales collateral/tools to engage in meaningful conversations with buyers and customers to progress the dialog toward a sale. For many companies, it's been like a gold ...

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Why Sales Silos Don’t Work

Posted on January 8, 2015

A few months ago, I was on a flight to visit with a globally-respected company that owns a portfolio of branded technology service companies. I had scheduled a meeting with the CEO of one of their portfolio companies to get to know each other and to exchange ideas for how they can grow a segment of their business advisory services targeting CMOs.  Specifically, I had piqued the interest of a couple of the company’s executives by showing them ...

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When Casual Corporate Culture Backfires

Posted on December 4, 2014

Can a corporate culture be so casual that work gets performed by accident?   Can front-line employees view their executives so casually they view them as peers and respect for authority becomes optional? One of the trends I've observed in the Technology sector since the dot-com boom of the late 1990's is how some workplace environments have become recreational zones.  Having been around the computer gaming industry in the 1990's, this ...

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The Often Missing Element in Content Marketing: Point of View (POV)

Posted on October 12, 2014

The past few years have seen brands rush to restructure their approach to finding and engaging prospective buyers. Just about every self-respecting marketing department has standardized on a marketing automation platform and CRM solution for lead nurturing. And during the process of connecting this marketing technology it usually becomes clear that the marketing team will need a comprehensive content strategy and supporting workflows to “fee...

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An Underestimated Asset in Content Marketing: Internal SMEs

Posted on September 30, 2014

All marketers are now publishers. And if you are a marketer you know that both creating and curating quality content is one of the most daunting challenges you face as part of your thought leadership and demand generation initiatives.  The curation challenge has been made a bit easier in the past couple years with curation platforms that can allow you to capture, categorize and republish third party content through your website or social ...

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7 Reasons Why Brand Strategy is Essential for Effective Demand Generation

I regret to say that over the years I’ve worked in/with Marketing organizations that have operated in silos such that Brand Strategy/Management and Demand Generation were viewed as operating virtually on separate planets. Brand Management (it was thought) was involved in abstract research and positioning that was somehow removed from the daily “grunt work” of having to generate qualified leads to feed the Sales organization. The Demand ...

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Omni-Channel Commerce Starts by Optimizing Individual Channels First

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in Retail demand generation in the 1990s and into the 2000’s as e-Commerce exploded onto the scene. That perspective includes multi-language, multi-currency (think pre-Euro) and multi-country regulatory requirements working with brands selling through leading retailers such as Sam’s Club, Best Buy, Dixon’s (UK), Tesco (UK), Carrefour (France), MediaMarkt (Germany), and many others. In those days, the ...

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Is LinkedIn Publishing More Effective than Blogging?

Posted on May 13, 2014

I've been trying an experiment the past 45--60 days as it relates to publishing on LinkedIn versus this blog.  As many of you know, LinkedIn originally allowed 5,000 "thought leaders" to publish through their Pulse platform and so as users we would often see content from these authors and think ", it would be cool if I could publish across LinkedIn for reach/influence."  However, earlier this year LinkedIn opened up their publishing ...

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Part 5: Are Agency Org Charts Undermining Client Alignment?

This is the last in a 5-part series looking at what I believe are fatal flaws in traditional full-service agency organization structure.  When I use the term "fatal" I am referring to the ability of the agency to enjoy long-term growth and client stability.  There are plenty of agencies pumping out brochure design, trade show collateral and broadcast advertising at a profit and there will always be a few industries that can get by with this. ...

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