You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

I had an interesting experience during Q4 2008 in working with an agency who has a client in the services industry.  The client was stuck in a never-ending cycle of throwing together "a quick promotion" to stimulate monthly sales -- literally, a new promotion every thirty days. The agency asked us to develop a long-term marketing strategy for this client that would deliver sustainable sales results over time.  In order to establish a current ...

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Who Moved My Cheese?

Reinventing yourself must may be the single most important skill you can develop to survive 2009 and beyond. Last year, a friend of mine loaned me a little book that most of you have probably heard of, or read.  Its called "Who Moved My Cheese" and is an entertaining commentary on what happens to people who cannot reinvent themselves in the face of crisis (in this case, the cheese a mouse had been storing/eating had been moved and now we was ...

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Social Media: Maybe Bill Murray Was on to Something

Posted on January 4, 2009

In today's fast-moving marketing environment, we need to ensure marketing tools are not replacing essential marketing skills to drive sales results. If you recall the movie "Groundhog Day", Bill Murray was stuck in a cycle of repeatedly waking up to an alarm and realizing — hey, I've seen this before. For those of us who have managed brands, products, or sales channels, over the past decade or more, perhaps the current wave of excitement ...

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Marketing Buzzwords — Spotting a Smokescreen (vol 2)

Posted on January 3, 2009

In our continuing series of buzzword bingo, here's a list of marketing and advertising terms you can substitute for one of the terms lists in our previous post: (courtesy of the guys at Pear Analytics) List immersion experience resonate radiate approach persuasive conceptual interactive multi-cultural innovative reach outreach multilayered emerging traditional non-traditional synergy synergistic consistency

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Marketing Buzzwords – Spotting a Smokescreen (vol 1)

Posted on January 2, 2009

Many of us have sat at those conferences or agency marketing meetings where the buzzwords were flying around and we were just trying to keep up. One of the ways to recognize potential marketing smokescreens is to count the buzzword phrases. To have a little fun, we've created our own list to keep an eye out. Just pick one word from each of the three lists and voila -- you have a phrase that you can blurt out at the next marketing meeting and ...

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