Is LinkedIn Publishing More Effective than Blogging?

Posted on May 13, 2014

I’ve been trying an experiment the past 45–60 days as it relates to publishing on LinkedIn versus this blog.  As many of you know, LinkedIn originally allowed 5,000 “thought leaders” to publish through their Pulse platform and so as users we would often see content from these authors and think “……man, it would be cool if I could publish across LinkedIn for reach/influence.”  However, earlier this year LinkedIn opened up their publishing platform and so I decided to take advantage of testing the responses.

However, now this meant that I (like others) would have to maintain my own blog, plus a LinkedIn publishing schedule, plus contribute posts to third party blogs, not to mention social posts to Google+, Twitter and my LinkedIn feed.  That doesn’t leave much time in the day to actually work.  However, the real underlying strategic issue this raised for me in March 2014 was “ I post on my blog and try to build an audience, or do I go where the audience already is (Linked) and publish?”

So I tried an experiment by taking a somewhat controversial post from a 5-part blog series on ad agency organization flaws and decided to post it on LinkedIn.  I’ve included a screen capture of the metrics now 45 days after posting but will tell you that 90% of these numbers were generated in the first three business days.  I will admit that this is my highest performing of six LinkedIn posts that I’ve published (the others generating about 10-20% of the above stats), but it is clear to me that LinkedIn publishing with back links might be a faster way to gain exposure.

Does that mean I (or others) should abandon our blog?  No — but balancing the two is definitely a consideration as LinkedIn’s reach and immediacy of delivering what you publish to a business network (with the ability to Tweet/promote the post) is attractive.  WordPress and Typepad gave the world a blog platform for writing, but “ready-made” publishing communities are too good to pass up.

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