Sales Enablement

“Less than 25% of executive buyers surveyed say that vendor sales reps are: (i) knowledgeable about my business, (ii) can relate to my role, (iii) understand my business issues, or (iv) have relevant examples of how they can help me solve my business problem.” (Mark Lindwall, Forrester Research)

I design processes for delivering sales enablement insights, narratives and tools that align to corporate Message Strategy and B2B Demand Generation Strategy for improved sales results:

  1. Ongoing buyer insights (industry, account, personas)
  2. Personalized narratives (industry, account, personas)
  3. Modular selling tools (solution visualization, engagement visualization, stakeholder benefits map)

Sales Enablement Insights

I will help you design an approach for gathering and synthesizing ongoing industry and buyer insights into easy-to-digest content that sales professionals can use to tailor conversations with prospects and customers. This is an essential function for equipping sales teams to engage executive decision makers to position your brand as an advisor to their business.

Insight-Led Sales Narratives

I apply the insights we collect about your decision stakeholders and their business problems to create insights-led sales narratives and presentation “stories.”  These insights-led sales stories shift conversations with buyers from matching solutions-matching to showing buyers a path to the business outcomes they are seeking. Instead of asking prospects to self-diagnose “what keeps them up at night” your sales staff can confidently present themselves as thought leaders capable of revealing insights about the prospect’s business and delivering value from the buyer’s perspective.

An effective insights-led sales story framework includes five components: (i) challenge (what’s holding back your business), (ii) loss (what its costing you), (iii) opportunity (what if), (iv) solution (how to overcome the challenge), and (iv) evidence (financial impact of implementing the solution).

Another approach is to frame the sales narrative around a mega-trend and illustrate how prospects must decide whether they will be disrupted or disruptors. The components of this framework include the following: (i) global shift, (ii) winners vs. losers (adaption vs. denial), (iii) promised land (what winners do), (iv) solution (roadmap to promised land), and (v) evidence (delivery proof/examples). This approach is somewhat adapted from the Hero’s Journey but also takes it cues from insight-led selling.

Sales Enablement Tools

The following are examples of core sales enablement tools I can help you build in addition to a broad range of industry & persona specific battle cards and reference resources:

  1. Solution visualizations – hybrid visual illustrations (reference architecture + stakeholder benefits) that enables the entire buying committee to envision how your solution would deliver business value for each of the unique interests. This visual understanding helps to reduce uncertainty and therefore, perceived risk. Templates can be created for each solution and/or customer segment combination.
  2. Engagement visualizations – a visual timeline of your proposed solution implementation or business engagement that depicts timing of deliverables, payments, milestones and exit provisions. The goal is ease-of-understanding of the working relationship while helping the buyer feel in control to reduce perceived risk. Templates can be built for each solution or engagement type.
  3. Business cases – an internal approval package that includes narratives of the financial and stakeholder benefits (with proof points) of acting on your proposed solution. Templates can be built for each customer segment and/or solution.

If you do not have a plan for delivering timely insights, narratives and tools to your Sales organization to accelerate your sales cycle — perhaps its time you should.

Contact me to get started.