Small Business: Now is Your Time to Roar!

Posted on March 14, 2009

Polarity is a member of The Permission Network — a cooperative of companies who believe in building customer relationships instead of interrupting/irritating people to the point of buying whatever you’re selling.

One of the dilemma’s we’ve been discussing is where small businesses can turn for thought leadership and experienced marketing execution — in effect, delivering Fortune 500 marketing capability to the Fortune 1,000,000.   However, there is some good news:  all of those expensive marketing tactics (broadcast media advertising, direct mail, events sponsorship, etc.) don’t really produce qualified leads or repeat customers.  So what does?   Being real — something small businesses can do better than a big corporation.

As large companies struggle to become nimble in today’s challenging economy, one trend is starting to emerge:  SMALL IS THE NEW BIG.

Small businesses can make decisions faster, react more quickly to changing economic conditions, and deliver a more personalized and authentic customer experience than large companies with call centers in India and manufacturing in China.   This adds up to an incredible advantage as more consumers and B2B customers are seeking to buy from companies who are willing to deal on their terms.

The NY Times featured an interesting article that highlights how a 33 year-old has grown a $60 million wine business through email, social media, and simply being authentic.   Doesn’t sound so difficult right?  It isn’t — but it DOES require dedication and perseverance, and that means not everyone will do it.  However, if you have the will and allocate the social web into your marketing plans — you are no longer at a disadvantage.   The shift in power has begun and everyday consumers want to engage with people like themselves — and that means you!

We’re developing a suite of tools and services for small businesses and want to know your biggest challenges.  Email us for more information on how to access these free resources.

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