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Part 3: Are Agency Org Charts Undermining Insight Accountability?

This is the third in a 5-part series examining potential fatal flaws in the traditional full-service agency model that focused on production silos instead of integrated demand marketing teams. One of the observations that I have had in working with many full-service agencies in the past couple years is the lack of buyer insights and the concentration of campaign ...

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5 Fatal Flaws in Traditional Agency Org Structure

I have been working with multiple full-service and digital agencies over the past 15 months and it has been interesting to observe a common theme emerge.  The traditional advertising agency business model that was established 50+ years ago and emphasized functional specialty (creative, production, media buying, etc.) is no longer working as well. I believe that the ...

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Agency Business Model: Are Clients Buying What Agencies are Selling?

Over the past five years I've been advising a number of small-to-midsize full-service agencies on growth strategies.  Having built a $20MM marketing firm, I have first-hand experience with evolving my business model to changing market conditions and recognizing the key to business survival is to "build what is sellable" not "sell what's buildable."   The former is ...

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