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Part 5: Are Agency Org Charts Undermining Client Alignment?

This is the last in a 5-part series looking at what I believe are fatal flaws in traditional full-service agency organization structure.  When I use the term "fatal" I am referring to the ability of the agency to enjoy long-term growth and client stability.  There are plenty of agencies pumping out brochure design, trade show collateral and broadcast advertising at ...

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Part 4: Are Agency Org Charts Undermining Collaboration?

Over the past two months, I've been releasing a series of posts to stimulate reflection on traditional full-service agency organization structure and whether it is the best way to deliver client value in the future.   The theme being that most full-service agencies are organized into production silos with separate Directors and P&Ls such that collaboration ...

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Part 3: Are Agency Org Charts Undermining Insight Accountability?

This is the third in a 5-part series examining potential fatal flaws in the traditional full-service agency model that focused on production silos instead of integrated demand marketing teams. One of the observations that I have had in working with many full-service agencies in the past couple years is the lack of buyer insights and the concentration of campaign ...

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Part 2: Are Agency Org Charts Undermining Knowledge Transfer?

Back in January 2014, I posted that I believe that the traditional full-service agency organization structure is outdated and that it may actually impede the agency's ability to deliver value to clients.  Why?  Because the idea of production silos with separate P&L focus contradicts what CMOs need to generate leads: integrated marketing touch points that align ...

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Agency Business Model: Are Clients Buying What Agencies are Selling?

Over the past five years I've been advising a number of small-to-midsize full-service agencies on growth strategies.  Having built a $20MM marketing firm, I have first-hand experience with evolving my business model to changing market conditions and recognizing the key to business survival is to "build what is sellable" not "sell what's buildable."   The former is ...

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