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The Missing Link in Sales Enablement

One of the most popular focus areas for companies seeking to accelerate revenue and profit growth is sales enablement. Depending on the definition you embrace, the idea is that smart companies equip their customer-facing staff with the necessary buyer insights, narratives, and sales collateral/tools to engage in meaningful conversations with buyers and customers to ...

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7 Reasons Why Brand Strategy is Essential for Effective Demand Generation

I regret to say that over the years I’ve worked in/with Marketing organizations that have operated in silos such that Brand Strategy/Management and Demand Generation were viewed as operating virtually on separate planets. Brand Management (it was thought) was involved in abstract research and positioning that was somehow removed from the daily “grunt work” of ...

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SoCal BMA: Using Discrete Data to Develop a Focused Brand Strategy

Earlier this week I was able to participate in the Southern California Business Marketing Association's conference entitled Harnessing the Big Data Revolution.  My co-presenters were Ryan Rieches and Alan Brew of RiechesBaird, a B2B brand strategy agency and Dr. Bill MacElroy, Chairman of Socratic Technologies, a brand research firm. In attendance were marketers ...

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New Endangered Species: The Brand Positioning Statement

During 2010 I had the opportunity to work with several regional companies in very diverse industries:  home construction, civil engineering, consumer products, and financial services.  In three of these instances, the companies hired a design firm to create what they thought was a brand identity (logo, color scheme) -- but what was missed was the actual brand ...

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A Lost Art: Putting a Face on Your Brand

Over the past several months, I've been working with companies in the healthcare and industrial services sectors where the initial conversations focused on their self-declared need for "a better website", or "a lead generation strategy", etc.  However, as I explored further I found that there was an underlying cause -- the lack of a brand strategy (which includes a ...

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Frontline Employees – Brand Ambassador or Brand Assassin?

Earlier today I met a colleague for a business lunch meeting at a new restaurant that has just opened.  This restaurant is part of a well-known chain in the city and enjoys steady customer traffic. On the menu is a delicious 1/2 pound burger that is advertised as "cooked medium" and so I ordered the $8.00 protein brick with much anticipation. When the burger ...

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