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Creating B2B Customer Journeys

If you are reading this I'm going to assume you have been exposed to McKinsey & Company's Consumer Decision Journey ("CDJ") research that was publicized in 2010 and has shaped marketing strategy since that time.  However, some marketers may not be aware of McKinsey's efforts to benchmark the CDJ model for B2B companies -- hence, the acronym now being referenced ...

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Influencing Buyers to Choose Your Brand

Over the past 18 months I've had the opportunity to be involved in strategic marketing plans in three distinct industries: (i) healthcare, (ii) banking, and (iii) technology.   One of the questions that is central to deciding how to engage with prospects is to understand their buying cycle (customer journey).   Within the buying cycle, it is critical to understand ...

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The $50 Billion Gamble and Why Ads (alone) Don’t Sell Products

I couldn't resist the opportunity this week to comment on something I've been following for years: the declining correlation between ad expenditures and sales results. In 2008, the auto industry spent an estimated $9.5 billion on advertising alone -- not including incentives, rebates, and all other forms of marketing.   This expenditure comes in the face of an ...

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Removing the Blindfold When Making Budget Cuts

I really tried to avoid diving into the discussion of budget cuts as I'm a demand-side thinker -- always looking for ways to grow sales/profits rather than becoming mired in trying to save $3.00 per year on domain name registrations.  However, with such a steady diet of "doom & gloom" from the media and companies consuming this poison -- it seemed appropriate to ...

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