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Forget Customer Service — Focus on Customer Experience

Customer service. Two words that have been at the center of corporate improvement programs and countless awards ranging from JD Power to NCSA. Each year, thousands of well-meaning companies compete for bragging rights of being #1 in customer support in their industry.  But just what does this mean?  If customer service is what happens when things go badly, are ...

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Credit Union Strategy: Filene, Zig Ziglar and Southwest Airlines are on to Something

Just before boarding leaving the office for a business trip this week, I brought a Filene Research Institute white paper to read.   Entitled "Credit Union Financial Sustainability: A Colloquim at Harvard University" (publication #232, 3/11) the document is a blueprint for credit unions to learn how to compete with their more performance minded competitors in the ...

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Customer Service — Easier Said Than Done

Earlier today I sat in the boardroom of a mid-size financial institution to discuss website design for lead generation.  One of the topics raised was the use of live chat as a deterrent to web page abandonment.  Of specific concern was whether or not an outside vendor (e.g. Live Person) could effectively answer financial services questions as effective as internal ...

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Citi’s One-Size-Fits-All Approach to Buyer Personas

I've been musing for several weeks about several change management topics to write about, when Citi Financial gave me a timely subject: customer service. You may recall several posts we've made in the past year or so on the issues of customer retention and why new customers seems to get the best offers/service -- while the old customers (those that pay the bills for ...

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