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What’s Missing in Lead Nurture Campaigns: Decision Makers

It's a challenge virtually every marketer will admit privately but no one wants to talk about. If we take a hard look at the job "Title" field in most B2B CRM systems we find a small percentage of them containing VP or C-level executives. What's worse, for the few executives found in the CRM database only a handful have opted into email lead nurture tracks. Access ...

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Why VIP Experiences are Essential for ABM

If you are a B2B marketer, you have been on a roller coaster for the past decade in search of the "secret sauce formula" for attracting high-quality leads to feed the sales pipeline. Like changing fashion trends, MarTech startups like to tell us that our current approach is broken so they can introduce their new tool as the solution to better leads. So now we turn ...

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Why Experiences are the New Content Currency

The gold rush for content to engage B2B buyers has been raging for several years. Despite massive investments by brands in writing/editing staff, content management tools, syndication and metrics -- the impact on revenue is unclear. Content is the Secret Sauce for Engagement -- Or Is It? MarketingProf's recently published a 2015 study by The Economist Group and ...

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Experiential Marketing Lessons from Subaru

I took a break from the office over lunch hour to run an errand to Whole Foods with my wife.  Upon our arrival, the parking lot was packed with shoppers and corporate types enjoying an organic lunch in the restaurant section.  On our way into the store there were two new Subaru cars display parked on the sidewalk near the entry doors and 2-3 field marketing staff ...

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