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Marketers – Are You Ready for the New Normal?

On tonight's evening news, Brian Williams reports on President Obama's desire to reset America's expectations as to the "new normal" for the US economy.   Specifically, the end of the strong economic growth, rise in asset values, and overall prosperity that we've all enjoyed the past decade.  If this is true, then businesses must now take stock of how they are ...

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Removing the Blindfold When Making Budget Cuts

I really tried to avoid diving into the discussion of budget cuts as I'm a demand-side thinker -- always looking for ways to grow sales/profits rather than becoming mired in trying to save $3.00 per year on domain name registrations.  However, with such a steady diet of "doom & gloom" from the media and companies consuming this poison -- it seemed appropriate to ...

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Marketing Forensics: Establishing Performance Metrics

OK, so last week I launched a post that jumped into the always popular topic of measurable marketing.   Specifically, what can really be known as it relates to customer lifetime value (CLTV), customer acquisition costs, customer churn, and even customer buying cycles?  While these topics may sound like a bad nightmare from your graduate marketing courses, we'd like ...

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