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Twitter Tools and Tips for Online Retailers

Twitter buzz is reaching epidemic proportion as I write this post and many of us are experimenting with using it for a variety of marketing purposes.  But what about online retailing -- do we simply blurt out great deals, or are there more appropriate ways to use Twitter in the Awareness phase of the sales funnel? Here are a few ways Twitter is being used by online ...

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Small Business: Now is Your Time to Roar!

Polarity is a member of The Permission Network -- a cooperative of companies who believe in building customer relationships instead of interrupting/irritating people to the point of buying whatever you're selling. One of the dilemma's we've been discussing is where small businesses can turn for thought leadership and experienced marketing execution -- in effect, ...

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Removing the Blindfold When Making Budget Cuts

I really tried to avoid diving into the discussion of budget cuts as I'm a demand-side thinker -- always looking for ways to grow sales/profits rather than becoming mired in trying to save $3.00 per year on domain name registrations.  However, with such a steady diet of "doom & gloom" from the media and companies consuming this poison -- it seemed appropriate to ...

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Social Media: Maybe Bill Murray Was on to Something

In today's fast-moving marketing environment, we need to ensure marketing tools are not replacing essential marketing skills to drive sales results. If you recall the movie "Groundhog Day", Bill Murray was stuck in a cycle of repeatedly waking up to an alarm and realizing — hey, I've seen this before. For those of us who have managed brands, products, or sales ...

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