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Is Your Buyer Segmentation All Wrong?

Traditional buyer segmentation focuses on demographic and firmographic attributes but what if there was a better way? Read how needs-based segmentation works.

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The Missing Link in Sales Enablement

One of the most popular focus areas for companies seeking to accelerate revenue and profit growth is sales enablement. Depending on the definition you embrace, the idea is that smart companies equip their customer-facing staff with the necessary buyer insights, narratives, and sales collateral/tools to engage in meaningful conversations with buyers and customers to ...

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New Endangered Species: The Brand Positioning Statement

During 2010 I had the opportunity to work with several regional companies in very diverse industries:  home construction, civil engineering, consumer products, and financial services.  In three of these instances, the companies hired a design firm to create what they thought was a brand identity (logo, color scheme) -- but what was missed was the actual brand ...

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